A New Era of Social & Search.

We believe our greatest opportunity to empower and connect people in real-time is by enabling the free flow of knowledge and experiences around the world, even when we are physically apart.

AYO is LIVE, personal, relevant and useful.

Social & Search, Reimagined

Get Smart

Request anything you want to learn and/or understand more deeply - then watch and chat as friends respond with live video.


Imagine experiencing anything you want from anywhere in the world. Make a request and you're one tap away from seeing and chatting live.

Show & Tell

Go live at anytime and/or respond to requests by live video sharing your experiences, knowledge, environment, causes you care about and more.

Private Messenger

Chat freely, openly and securely with anyone in the world.

  • Fully encrypted by default so no one such as hackers, or even AYO, can read your private messages.

  • Use a timer for self-destructing messages to control how long they can be seen.

  • Interact with friends using touch gestures like you're there in person.

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